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    Our culture is built on integrity, passion, and creativity. We drive it through a sharp focus on emerging trends and ongoing employee development which leads to our main goal; Delivering the ultimate customer experience and satisfaction.

    When Roza Beauty Salon launched in 2020 we had a clear vision… To be a one-stop destination for beauty services and retail, providing personalized experiences, to make you look and feel great.


    Our Services



    At Roza Beauty, we offer a wide range of hair services to cater to female customers, for all hair types and female styles and textures. We have a large range of color services and will ensure you leave the salon with your hair feeling revitalized, refreshed, and in amazing condition.



    Roza Beauty ensures that your hands and feet are in optimum condition thanks to our fabulous array of treatments. From essential manicures and pedicures to more indulgent treatments such as paraffin wax, our treatments are designed to bestow super-soft skin and perfectly groomed nails.



    No one looks forward to getting a wax, but there are places to go that make the process less of an ordeal. Whether you're looking for somewhere that caters to sensitive skin or searching for a more indulgent experience, visit our Roza Beauty Salon



    Whether you want instant radiance for a special event or a complete skin overhaul, We Provide the best facial treatments that employ both pioneering technology and heavenly healing touch.

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